Krasnobrod is the best-developed tourism centre in Roztocze Region. Apart from a great choice of accomodation, it offers tourists its rich culture and wild nature for exploring.


  • above the town there is Chelmowa Gora (Chelmowa Mountain). On top of it
    there is a huge 14-metre cross.
  • A good vantage point is the stone tower built on top of the former quarries. From the distance it looks as if it was the remains of an old castle, but in fact the tower has been built only a few years ago.
  • The town is divided into two parts: Podklasztor and Podzamek, where the old manor-house of the Leszczynski 's family stands. It has been turned into a sanatorium for children. In 2002 Krasnobrod has gained the satus of a health resort.
  • The prettiest spot in Krasnobrod is the chapel of St. Roch and the nature reserve surrounding it.
  • Every year there are organ concertos organised where artists from all around the world come and take part in it.