Szczebrzeszyn borough is placed on the edge of Roztocze Region, at both sides of the River Wieprz. A visit in Szczebrzeszyn gives you an opportunity of seeing the valuable historic places and enjoy the pristine wildlife.


  • Szczebrzeszyn was popularised by Jan Brzechwa in his famous poem, but actually many people think that the place doesn't exist and was only a word-play.
  • for many centuries it was a multi-cultural place. The proof to that are numerous churches, Orthodox churches and a synagogue that are the remains of the past of Szczebrzeszyn.
  • there are two unique statues, one of which is the image of a beetle from Brzechwa's poem.
  • despite many changes that were introduced in the town, it still reminds of the old Polish province with its picturesque streets and wooden houses.
  • nearby there is a maze of gorges, which is called „Piekielko” („Little Hell”). That is because you can get lost there extremely easily!
  • some of the villages in the borough are the „living heritage parks”.
  • Between Szczebrzeszyn and Zwierzyniec there is an uninterrupted 12-kilometre line of houses.